Our weaving tradition is related with an ancestral knowledge that has been inherited generation to generation. Weaving is a fundamental part to our lives linked to our language and traditions. It is fascinating how weaving connect us not only with nature but also with other weavers across the world, creating a universal language that unites us deeply as a big community.

Historically in the civilization, textiles have been used to protect the human being not only from weather or daily life chores, but also they have taken important roles in ceremonies and rituals among cultures, bringing community together. The ancient Zapotec people used to take care of their bodies as if they were sacred temples, for so they would weave their own garments with their finest threads.

Having this in mind and knowing that our culture, traditions and language evolve; as a Zapotec family of weavers, that innovates and incorporate influences from the world as we know it now, we created Gal Nazak, a limited collection of rugs that will bring your family well-being, harmony and protection; wrapping and comforting your home.

To our family it is important to innovate our designs within our textile tradition, maintaining our essence and the respect to our culture, this rugs contributes to the continuos history of our Zapotec heritage.


With love
Fe, Lola, Janet and Omar


Teotitlán del Valle Zapotec variant

Means abundance, fortune, well-being, best of lucks, one of the biggest blessings we can be gifted with. Riniabun gal nazak par xkal baintu / We pray for abundance in your life. To listen gal nazak pronunciation go to Teotitlán del Valle Zapotec Talking Dictionary

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