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Twenty years ago, in Fe y Lola we took a risk, and decided to focus instead on producing high quality wool rugs on small scale. We invested in a sustainable weaving process that does not include toxic chemicals, such as sulfuric acids and anilines, that are very dangerous for one’s health as well as for the environment. By conducting research on natural dyes, experimenting with local natural dye materials and, most importantly, rediscovering and re-learning ancient Zapotec natural dyeing techniques, we began to develop an exclusive palette of natural colors and combinations. Along the way we have had the opportunity to learn from other natural dyers and weavers from all over the world and share our knowledge with them, enriching  our commitment towards our work and our customers. 

As rug artists we are committed to raising awareness of the extensive work that it takes to make each individual piece. Fe y Lola’s weaving and dyeing process has a deep closeness with nature. We travel to the highlands of Oaxaca to find pure churro sheep wool, carefully spun by the hands of the women from Oaxaca’s Mixtec region. We also gather and prepare our natural dye materials from the raw source: from grinding cochineal and collecting wild marigold flowers during the rainy season, to fermenting pomegranates and pecans, to preparing the indigo dyebath with molasses.

Our slow process follows the growing seasons of each plant we use for our dyes, with a focus on taking the time necessary to achieve the most pure, color fast possible. 

Based on this proprietary process, in Fe & Lola we create exquisite, small-scale rug collections using 100% churro sheep wool and exclusively natural dyes, offering you the highest quality of handmade art pieces that feature harmony between color and design. Our mission is to immerse you in our Zapotec heritage as weavers. We dye, we weave, we create. Our rugs are woven with love to enrich your home. 

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