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Federico Chávez Sosa is an expert weaver. He has mastered special skills, particularly the ability to express his feelings through threads, his expertise has led him to weave perfect curves and weave motifs from his sorrounding. With 50years of experience, Federico Chávez Sosa has become a noted master weaver of extraordinary quality. His work has been exhibited in universities, museums and galleries throughout the United States such as the Snite Museum of Art in Notre Dame University, Purdue University, San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles in San Jose, CA., Duke University, Meredith College in Raleigh, Echo View Fiber Mill in Asheville, Manayuk Weaver’s Guild in Philadelphia, Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens, the National Museum of Mexican Art in Chicago, among others, as well as his rugs are held in many private collectionsOur Fe y Lola’s creative workshop is based in Teotitlán del Valle on Francisco I Madero 55. A visit to our workshop allows customers and textile enthusiasts to glimpse our weaving and natural dye processes in situ and in action, allowing full immersion in the Zapotec textile-making experience.

Lola Santiago has been a weaver since age 12. She has the skill to weave contemporary designs without forgetting traditional patterns. We can appreciate her delicacy and good taste as in the color blend as in the complexity of the patterns in each rug she weaves. Lola is also our natural dyer matriarch. For more than twenty years, she has experimented with different natural dye sources to create sustainable colors for our weavings. Her revolutionary freedom infuses our dye pots—Lola takes her time to achieve rich colors, and pursues multiple shades in every dyeing session, resulting in the beautiful and unique colors that embellish our rugs.

Fe & Lola have three children, comprising the fourth generation of weavers in the family. Eric, Janet and Omar Chavez Santiago have been involved in the textile production process from a very young age. Today, each has chosen to carry on our Zapotec traditions in a distinct way – Eric works with artisan communities across Oaxaca and Mexico to build capacity, preserve traditions, and facilitate access to high-quality materials
Janet is a language activist working to preserve our Zapotec language heritage, and Omar is a designer and engineer, bringing fresh and modern ideas to our weaving. With their unique perspectives we seek a cycle of continuous improvement and innovation, to bring you rugs of the highest quality that maintain our essence as a Zapotec culture while also seeking to show and share our heritage with the world
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